Gi Joe Trouble Shooter

Posted on December 19, 2014

Finding the Gi Joe Trouble Shooter can be an somewhat difficult task and even more so at the right price. Below are some listings that we found on eBay and Amazon to assist you get that best price available, Both of these web sites are two of the most trusted resources on the web for finding Gi Joe Trouble Shooter.

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Video for Gi Joe Trouble Shooter

A pristine version of the classic Trouble Shooter ad for the Adventure Team series.

Comments on Gi Joe Trouble Shooter

Chiquita wrote:

Last week my kids bought my GI Joe "Fate of Trouble Shooter" at a yard sale.
Julia Mcquay wrote:
Got my Hasbro G.I. Joe Adventure Team Vehicle or Trouble Shooter Black Driver's Seat weeks ago and am really happy the purchase.
Sumiko Gabourel wrote:
Today I bought my **G I JOE** TROUBLE SHOOTER 1974 + 2 ACTION FIGURES 1964 !!!! on Amazon.
Myra wrote:
Got my Vintage GI Joe A.T. - Fate Of The Troubleshooter - Solar Panel - 1974 some time ago and am really happy how much it cost.
Hilma wrote:
Recently my daughter found my GI Joe "Fate of Trouble Shooter" Part at a yard sale.
Ivey wrote:
Just yesterday I found my Vintage 1974 GI Joe Adventure Team Talking Fate of Trouble Shooter w/Comic Works on Amazon.
Elwood wrote:
Recently I bought my 1970's GI Joe Adventure Team Fate of the Trouble Shooter Vulture at garage sale.
James wrote:
Last week my kids picked up my 1964 VINTAGE GI JOE: 1974 ADVENTURE TEAM TROUBLE SHOOTER: RADAR ANTENNA on Amazon.
Ivey wrote:
Got my Details about 1974 Hasbro GI Joe Adventure Team Trouble Shooter Troubleshooter some time ago and am totally pleased the purchase.

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